Review Requests

I will be as honest as I can be, I don't generally take many requests. I genuinely enjoy the process of choosing my own books and picking books based on my mood. However, I do on the occasion. I am very active on Twitter and am constantly connecting with authors via Twitter.  I have discovered a couple of my favorite authors by taking requests. So no promises!

Please keep in mind the following:

I am not a professional reviewer.

All my reviews are simply my own personal opinions. I tend not to read books I do not like, therefore, I generally give good reviews. It is never personal (towards the author, publishing house, or editor)–it is just my personal reading experience.

What qualifies me?

To be blunt, nothing. Just like reading dem' books. I am a master's level student but in a unrelated field. So please use your own judgement.

Submitting a request does not guarantee a review.

Emailing me your book does not in anyway indicate that I will read your book and review. However, if I formally accept I will make a sincere effort to review.

Genre's I won't consider.

I have no interest in erotica, romance, religious oriented, or how-to books. I do enjoy young adult here and there.

I am more likely to review.

If the book is an audio book, printed, if you can send it through Net Galley or it's free on Amazon or whatever method you have that's not an email attachment. It's 2017 I do not open email attachments anymore and neither should you.

I will rate based on a five-star system:

Could not finish

Okay, but had a lot of problems

Good, I liked it

Great, I am in love

Life Changing

If for whatever reason, you are very unsatisfied with my review, please contact me in a friendly manner. I will be open to removing it from my blog.


Also, feel free to contact me for any other reason including inquiring about guests posts or general questions. Email me at

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