Book Review: Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Title: Faithful

Author: Alice Hoffman

Series: Stand-alone

Pages: 258 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Release Date
: November 1st 2016


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What did I think?

Well, I am kind of pissed off. Now I HAVE to read every Alice Hoffman book previous to this and in the future. I was in such awe of this book. Considering Faithful is not one of her critically acclaimed novels, I am almost nervous to explore her other novels. However, I can see how this novel may have targeted a more specific demographic which may have been Alice Hoffman's downfall. I just so happen to fall into that demographic; twenty-something, female, with some mental health concerns/troubled past. Lucky me.

Additionally, Faithful is a depressing story. It just is. There are some themes including, drug use, mental health issues, trauma, poor relationships, and a ton of self-deprecation overall. Nevertheless, the story is inspiring (if you make it to the end, of course)…

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